Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Pastor's Pondering, March 8, 2022

 Let Us Pray For Our Fellow Refugees

For this week’s Pastor’s Ponderings, we discovered a powerful posting from a friend of our family, Selene Anderson. The author is not known at the time of this posting.  Please know that God wants us to be concerned about worldwide refugees.

Today, I found myself complaining about the rising cost of fuel and then I remembered I’d never had to run from missiles. I worried if I needed to stock up on a few staples and then realized I’d never had to send my children to school with their blood type taped on their backs. I shook my head at the thought of our young men and women heading  overseas and then remembered that for the Ukrainians war showed up on their doorsteps.


Then I decided- I won’t sit in my house in suburbia and brood over the downward turn of the stock market while people are literally facing death. Instead, I’m going to pray. I know that God will hear from heaven, he will lean down to listen when I pray. The Bible tells me that. I’m going to pray that whatever evil intends that God would turn it around for His glory. 


I’m going to pray that good would overcome evil and that it would happen sooner rather than later. I’m going to pray that God would hear the cry of every lost soul facing a war they didn’t want and come to their rescue. I’m praying for the overwhelming, supernatural presence of God Almighty in every corner of the world tonight. 


I came here to ask if you’d pray with me. Let’s fill the throne room with our voices as we call out for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine. May God hear our prayers and turn this horrific situation around. If He can shut the mouths of hungry lions, split an entire sea in half and raise the dead- He can surely save Ukraine.  Please pray that He will.


Copied and pasted from a Facebook post

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