Thursday, December 9, 2021

Pastor's Ponderings, December 9, 2021

Will I hear “Well Done?”

During a time of great loss in our world, many of us are reflecting on when our time will come. If it is tomorrow, did I fulfill my purpose in life? Did I help those I was supposed to help? Did I learn what I was supposed to learn? What does God think about my life so far?


In the parable of the talents, Matthew records Jesus telling a story about three people who took different approaches to investing their talents while their master was away. For two of them he was pleased with their choices and said “Well done, my good and faithful servant. You have been faithful in handling this small amount, so now I will give you many more responsibilities. Let’s celebrate together” (Matthew 25:21 NLT).


I remember asking my late husband what his next career goals were and he responded with, “Maybe my purpose isn’t limited to my job. Maybe I am supposed to be a good husband, friend, neighbor and hopefully a father.” A few weeks later these words echoed through his memorial service in the comments of his family, friends, and neighbors.


This month is the 16th anniversary of my parent’s church, Sanctuary Gospel Center Church. On the surface we congratulate them for staying the course, their commitment and dedication to over 800 weekly services, hundreds of counseling sessions, and services at a local skilled nursing facility, and 428 weekly blog posts. But I think when my parents get to Heaven (hopefully a long time from now) those numbers won’t be mentioned-it will be the lives they touched, the people that met Christ through them and that had a deeper and fuller relationship with God because of their sacrifice, and the people that others didn’t have the time for, but they invested in them anyway. I’m blessed to know and appreciate their impact on my walk with God. 


It’s easy for this season to be focused on what we can buy, how we can impress others with the gifts we receive or how perfect our holiday photos are.  But let’s remember to think about what really matters and that is to be a good and faithful servant and if we are doing a job deserving of “Well Done.”







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